Our Proofreading - Hamilton & Hamilton Academic Editing


When you choose Hamilton & Hamilton to proofread and edit your manuscript, we will ensure that it is returned to you with grammar, punctuation, spelling, clarity and fluency suitable for publication in academic journals of international standing. As one style guide recommends they should, our copy editors will make your manuscript say what it means, and mean what it says.

Hamilton & Hamilton can also ensure that the text adheres to any publisher's style or external style guide, such as the Chicago Manual of Style or the Associated Press Stylebook. Our manuscript editors, who will always have a postgraduate degree relevant to the subject of the papers they are tasked to work with, can also work towards shortening text, to improve it or to fit length limits, as instructed. This is often particularly important when readying texts for publication in periodicals.

In any editing process, it sometimes happens that the editor, unsure of the exact meaning of a particular passage and in search of fluency, will make a change that the author considers unsuitable. So, after the edited manuscript is initially returned, a process begins where the author is free to draw the attention of the editor to any passages that they consider need a second look. This phase of work is carried out with utmost urgency (regardless of the return schedule originally required) and at no extra cost. Our quotes are binding and we at Hamilton & Hamilton want our customers to be entirely satisfied before we accept any payment.

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